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<2016/09/01> Releaseed the sensor for NC lathes and turning.
<2016/08/09> "Position detector" Patent No.CH-2299715
<2016/05/20> "I machining center is 0.1μm display, the sensor is either not delay in 1μm. Make a sensor of an order of magnitude better nm unit from machine" we thank you and encouragement. Finally patent we have established. "Position detector" Patent No. 5936199 (PCT patent)
<2016/02> "Repeatability DLC coat contribute to the improvement," Patent No. 5936199 (PCT patent)
<2014/02> "Position detector eliminate the triangle error of internal contact type point finder" Patent No. 5470038 (PCT patent)
<2013/11> Won the "high-precision long stylus with a position detector" is central in the region invention award FY2013
<2013/02> Tremendous progress! ! Repeatability realization of ± 1μm in 80mm stylus attached. Repeatability guarantee of 150 mm length ± 1μm in a special order
<2012/12> DVD was renewed. "Verification of the measurement error in the weak magnetic field due to the three-dimensional measuring device"
<2012/11> Patented Patent No. 5133884 of mechanisms to improve the repeatability (PCT patent)
<2011/12> Article to tool engineers December issue P49 was published
<2010/12> Product Information (Point Finder, a non-magnetic stylus) has been updated
<2009/09> Article to tool engineers September issue P88 has been published
<2009/07> Article to tool engineers July issue P50 has been published
<2009/04> The English version of HP was renewed
<2009/04> It was renewed the HP. I look forward to working with you